Pa Tuan Chin

(The Eight Brocades)


I-Suang Shou Tou Tien Li San Ziao
Strengthens the stomach and intestines, especially beneficial for those with digestive and constipation problems.

I-Suang Shou Tou Tien Li San Ziao - Continued

II-Tso Yu Kung Ssu She Jao
Improves the blood circulation, develops the chest, and helps to overcome insomnia.

III-Tiao Li Pi Wei Shu Tan Chu
Relieves stress by strengthening the stomach and spleen and cleansing the blood.

IV-Wu Lao Chi Shang Wang Hou Chiao
Strengthens internal organs and relieves chronic ailments and disorders of the liver, lungs, heart, kidneys and spleen.

V-Yao Tou Pai Wei Chu Hsin Huo
Removes stress and tones the lower body; Chu Hsin Huo means to drive fire out of the mind.

VI-Liang Shou Ban Tsu Ku Shion Yao
Strengthens the kidneys, hips and prevents constipation.

VII-Tsan Chuan Nu Mu Tseng Chi Li
Improves vitality and vigor, reduces blood pressure.

VIII-Pei Hou Chi Tien Pai Ping Hsiao
Improves blood circulation, battles fatigue, prevents constipation and piles.