J. Michael Krivyanski

Freelance writer, Allison Park, PA

Starting any kind of physical training at 41-years-old is something that fills you full of doubts and starting karate training is almost unthinkable. Besides being 41-years-old I have a form of arthritis in my knee. Master Chinda assured me that the Karate training at his Dojo would help my condition and I would see improvements in my body. He was right and I would recommend training in his Dojo to anyone who would want to make their physical condition better. In the beginning I couldn’t keep up with the others. I wasn’t able to do as many push-ups or kick as high or move as fast or even finish an entire class without stopping to rest, but I kept trying. My frustration was met with encouragement from the other students and understanding from Master Chinda. Today I am able to keep up with the others and have seen improvement in my body such as weight loss and increased mobility in my knees. Karate has become very special to me as I feel so mach better for having experienced its training benefits. People looking to improve themselves should talk with Master Chinda and discover the many great things about his Dojo. I feel it has something special to offer people of any age or physical condition who want to do something to improve their lives.