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"The longest journey starts with a first step." Today is and you could take your first step now, by enjoying your FREE TRIAL CLASS at our Institute.


... Master Chinda will open the doors to courage, honor and strength balanced with kindness and tolerance. I think that anyone will find Master Chinda’s Institute one of the best-kept secrets in Pittsburgh...

Nick Novalosky

... I’ve gained ... the ability to focus and concentrate ... the Tai Chi class has helped on a spiritual and mental aspect!

Leonard Adams

I know that there are a lot of people out there searching for the next “new thing” to give their lives a sense of focus and direction. I’ve been there and I know how frustrating it becomes when the latest fad trend in diet, exercise or spirituality turns out to be just another hollow promise. At Chinda Institute I discovered that the necessary ingredients for successful living are grounded in the very traditional values of consistent exercise, reasonable discipline and mutual respect for self and others. At Chinda Institute I was immediately welcomed into my chosen area of study, introduced to the physical requirements of the course, followed by a frank evaluation o My current skills level and then given ample time to ask questions about the training course and its objectives. The training I’ve achieved at Chinda Institute has been rewarding because every stage of my development has noted and praised, while improper technique and attitude have been corrected on the spot. I leave each session with a sense of accomplishment.

Jim Reid

... Master Dan-Horia Chinda, welcomes his students with a kindness and positiveness that acts as a balm to the stresses of the past day. Once inside the Dojo, Master Chinda’s Far Eastern training asserts itself.


... What has kept me is the environment of personalized instruction in an encouraging atmosphere. I would invite anyone to come see the Dojo and discover this for themselves.

Neil Pascual

. Mentally, I’m learning a great deal of discipline and respect. Spiritually, I’ve gained a lot of willpower, and I am able to focus better. My friends also say that I have a more outward and open look at life. I must say that I owe Master Chinda a great deal.

John Arnold

Besides being 41-years-old I have a form of arthritis in my knee. Master Chinda assured me that the Karate training at his Dojo would help my condition and I would see improvements in my body. He was right .... People looking to improve themselves should talk with Master Chinda and discover the many great things about his Dojo.

J. Michael Krivyanski

There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about you or the lessons I learned at the Chinda Institute. Those years spent with you had a serious impact on my life. Not that I am setting the world on fire, but I don’t think I would be where I am in this life had I not met you.

Lance Grimes

For the Pittsburgh school, contact njn2@comcast.net or melacom.inc@verizon.net immediately to schedule an appointment for your FREE CLASS. For the Fort Lauderdale school, contact our Senior Master at master@chindadojo.org. During your visit at the Institute, you will enjoy a personal Interview with our Senior Master or Instructors, to define the strategies needed in achieving your development.

The Chinda Institute International is dedicated to presenting instructions in martial arts, meditation, and Far Eastern exercise techniques in a traditional, noncompetitive atmosphere. The emphasis is on creating a greater awareness of one's mind, body and spirit, and the personal power that awareness creates.
Led by our world renown Master, the Institute strive to provide the modern practitioner with the proper tools in understanding the philosophy and form of the various Art we offer.