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"The longest journey starts with a first step." Today is and you could take your first step now, by enjoying your FREE TRIAL CLASS at our Institute.


A very complex study, exploring the fusion between different forms and levels of CHI cultivation, the ultimate goal expressed in Mind, Body and Spirit harmony:

Tai-Chi Chuan and Chi Kung Nei Kung Autogenic Training

Various forms of Martial Arts dominated strongly by the Budo Kun (The Martial Arts Ethic Code), enhancing and strengthening the student's character, psychological and physical endurance:

Shotokan Karate-DoJu-JutsuKendoJu-Jutsu for Kids

Creativity resulted from the spiritual development in the Energy Cultivation class are expressed in the traditional arts of:

Sogetsu IkebanaBonsaiZen and Art

This is a group study from history of the Japanese sword to the symbolism and etiquette of it, from the spiritual aspects to the practical knowledge of maintenance and appreciation of the sword. The rituals surrounding the complexity of the Japanese sword will be explored as well.
If you are interested, please email Nicholas at njn2@comcast.net

Online support for people involved in similar curricullum and explorations as our Dojo.

To enroll into this program please send a detailed letter of application mentioning your area of interest, your experiance, personal informations, and if you feel comfortable, particular issues which makes you want our support.

The Chinda Institute International is dedicated to presenting instructions in martial arts, meditation, and Far Eastern exercise techniques in a traditional, noncompetitive atmosphere. The emphasis is on creating a greater awareness of one's mind, body and spirit, and the personal power that awareness creates.
Led by our world renown Master, the Institute strive to provide the modern practitioner with the proper tools in understanding the philosophy and form of the various Art we offer.