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"The longest journey starts with a first step." Today is and you could take your first step now, by enjoying your FREE TRIAL CLASS at our Institute.

Our Kendo Instructor and students
The Kendo class offers a unique experience connecting the student with the traditional spirit of Budo (Martial Arts) developed by the samurai in the ancient Japanese time. The Bushido Code of honor, in a contemporary interpretation, becomes very familiar to our students. The basic stances and Shinai (the bamboo sword) techniques are performed between three and six months in solo patterns. then the partner work begins, using the protective armor (the BOGU). The pre-established sparing is the first stage, called KIRI KAESHI, where on a support of routine, the main goal is to improve the timing and distance (MA-AI).shiai, sparring After this practice becomes familiar, the student will advance to the free sparing. In this class the harmony between Mind and Body is very highly expressed in fascinating speed and explosiveness, where the focusing and timing are imperative. The Kendoka must judge the situation incredibly quickly and act accordingly. The Mind, Body and Spiritual improvement ultimately produces the "Zanshin," the spirit of fight, which is an old samurai attribute. A self-discovery which is rewarded.

Kendo develops:

    • A high sense of respect, self discipline and modesty

    • Patience in setting a strategy for achieving a goal

    • Improves reflexes, focusing and timing

    • Physical and psychological endurance

Kirikaeshi (preestablished sparring) in our Dojo
Kirikaeshi (preestablished sparring) in our Dojo

For the Pittsburgh school, contact njn2@comcast.net or melacom.inc@verizon.net immediately to schedule an appointment for your FREE CLASS. For the Fort Lauderdale school, contact our Senior Master at master@chindadojo.org. During your visit at the Institute, you will enjoy a personal Interview with our Senior Master or Instructors, to define the strategies needed in achieving your development.

The Chinda Institute International is dedicated to presenting instructions in martial arts, meditation, and Far Eastern exercise techniques in a traditional, noncompetitive atmosphere. The emphasis is on creating a greater awareness of one's mind, body and spirit, and the personal power that awareness creates.
Led by our world renown Master, the Institute strive to provide the modern practitioner with the proper tools in understanding the philosophy and form of the various Art we offer.