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"The longest journey starts with a first step." Today is and you could take your first step now, by enjoying your FREE TRIAL CLASS at our Institute.

The spiritual enlighment durring the Energy Cultivation classes and the Zen practice will be extended in creative manifestation, such as: brush strokes and painting, drawing-writing and pottery. Identifying with the movement and life, expressing through it. In this class our Master Chinda will share his knowledge.

Other classes may be announced according to the offers coming from different personalities willing to share their knowledge.


While the seeing and drawing, brush strokes and other classes are practiced in our Institute occasionally, the pottery class is our main manifestaion amoung the Zen ad Art activities.

As a continuation of the spiritual tranquility achieved through the Zen practice, pottery making offers a chance to gather and project personal serenity into a creative material expression. Since our hands are intimately connected with brain energy, they often express the stress or peace accumulated in our mind. Our hands speak and communicate non-verbally without lies and with a concentrated sincerity emanating from the deepest hidden recesses of the unconscious.

Zen practice gives us a way of discovering this creative universe, releasing our pure and beautiful inner smile, allowing us to encounter feelings and talents never imagined. As a result, we come to understand ourselves through just being and doing. It is the quintessence of living, loving, being creative and being connected to all that surrounds us.

Pottery done in the spirit of Zen offers an incredible chance for the Self to be centered and united with the universal harmony through the interaction between the spirit of clay and our deepest awareness. For it is this spirit that reflects our conscience. It offers a place of rest, supporting and forgiving.

During the pottery process we manipulate the basic elements of earth (clay), air, water and fire. In the spirit of Zen, we will hand build and wheel-throw our pottery and create our own glazes.

Perhaps the few considerations enumerated here will intrigue you enough to try Zen and Pottery.

In the spirit of Zen... welcome

For the Pittsburgh school, contact njn2@comcast.net or melacom.inc@verizon.net immediately to schedule an appointment for your FREE CLASS. For the Fort Lauderdale school, contact our Senior Master at master@chindadojo.org. During your visit at the Institute, you will enjoy a personal Interview with our Senior Master or Instructors, to define the strategies needed in achieving your development.

The Chinda Institute International is dedicated to presenting instructions in martial arts, meditation, and Far Eastern exercise techniques in a traditional, noncompetitive atmosphere. The emphasis is on creating a greater awareness of one's mind, body and spirit, and the personal power that awareness creates.
Led by our world renown Master, the Institute strive to provide the modern practitioner with the proper tools in understanding the philosophy and form of the various Art we offer.