Lance Grimes, February 2002

Greetings Sensei… Remember me?

First off, I want to congratulate you on a great website…Very professional and informative. It was great seeing the picture of you in the first location in the front of the Japanese wall… Great memories for me there… Those were some of the best times of my life.

I haven’t trained since I left the Chinda Institute. I have looked at schools around here in Ohio. Nothing stimulates my interest… I remember you and Raul both telling me that it would be hard to find a school like yours…You were correct. There isn’t anything close. There are no schools here that balance the pen and sword quite like you did…It is either all combat, where people often get hurt, or very loosely run, and no one learns anything… Very frustrating.

Tai Chi is not offered anywhere here in Youngstown. There is a woman here that teaches it in her home, but it is geared toward the elderly and women. She seemed alarmed that I was healthy male in the 30’s interested in Tai Chi. She asked me if I was disabled or had health problems…I thought that was kind of funny…

There isn’t day that goes by that I don’t think about you or the lessons I learned at the Chinda Institute. Those years spent with you had a serious impact on my life. Not that I am setting the world on fire, but I don’t think I would be where I am in this life had I not met you.

Perhaps some time in the near future, we could meet somewhere near you for dinner and catch up. I am interested in hearing how the school is developing, and how yourself have grown. Your words have always seemed to inspire.

Please reach out if you have a chance…

My sincerest thanks and regards,